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Out now!

Ulf Adåker - Le Jazz Cool

Legendary trumpet player and composer Ulf Adåker has the past seven years been focusing on his quintet, which he calls Le Jazz Cool. This is also the name of the second, and latest, album with the group. This album really shows Adåker's mastery of the jazz language from 50's, as the songs consists of almost exclusively standard tunes, and one composition by Adåker. Prominent piano player Daniel Tilling is also a major voice on this album, since half of the tunes is played on dou with him and Adåker.

Recorded and mixed by Stefan Blomquist at Crunch Music Studio, Solna

Mastered by Claes Persson, CRP Mastering

Cover photo by Erik Sjöström

Produced and designed by Ulf Adåker and Johan Tengholm

Released on November 16 2022

Ulf Adåker - Trumpet and flugelhorn

Robert Nordmark - Tenor saxophone

Daniel Tilling - Piano

Filip Augustsson - Double bass

Rasmus Blixt - Drums

Listen to the album by clicking here





Coming up

Tengholm Ullberg Big Band - Blue And Green With a Touch of Brown

On January 25, Tengholm Ullberg Big Band comes with thier long awaited debute album - Blue And Green With a Touch of Brown. The album includes original music and arrangements by band leaders Erik Tengholm and Lars Ullberg, written druing the last five years. 

Recorded at Atlantis studios by Niklas Lindström, Stockholm 1-2 November 2020

Produced by Erik Tengholm and Lars Ullberg

Mix by Göran Stegborn and Pål Svenre

Graphics by Sandra Arvman

Sebastian Mattebo, Leonard Werme, Björn Bäckström, Samuel Muntlin, Emma Josefsson - Reeds

Isac Åberg, Max Stark, Linnea Jonsson, Emma Granstam, Erik Tengholm - Trumpets and flugelhorns

Lars Ullberg, Agnes Darelid, Hannes Junestav, Simon Skogh - Trombones

Mattias Olofsson - Guitar

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir - Piano

Johan Tengholm - Double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre - Drums

Jesper Söderqvist - Vibraphone

Special guests: Lovisa Jennervall, vocals and Hampus Adami, trombone